Advanced Systems Ecology Lecture
Time :2016-05-29

Speaker: Stuart R. Borrett Associate Professor

Topic: Systems Ecology

Time: 9: 00a.m.-11: 00a.m., 14: 00p.m.-17: 00p.m., June 23-28

Location: Conference Room in the 6th floor, the School of Environment

Speaker Introduction:

Stuart R. Borrett, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington campus. His current research mainly focus on systems ecology simulation between structure and function of marine and other aquatic ecosystems, publishing papers in international journals such as Oikos, Biogeochemistry, and Ecological Modelling for more than 20 papers. He also did a number of academic reports in the International Conference like ISEM and was selected as a branch chairman. He is long-term responsible for lectures on Introduction to Ecology and Ecology Laboratory and other related courses. He won Chancellor  Discere Aude Award for outstanding mentorship in 2009.


This lecture focuses on basic theory and methods of systems ecology, and mainly discuss on the important value of applying systems ecology to aquatic ecosystems (rivers, sea, ocean, etc.), and try to promote knowledge related to software development using.

Welcome to the lecture!