Lecture from John R. Schramski
Time :2016-05-29

Speaker: John R. Schramski, Associate Professor

Topic: Water Resources Assessment and Planning

Time: 9: 00a.m.-11: 00a.m., 14: 00p.m.-17: 00p.m., June 17-22

Location: Conference Room in the 6th floor, the School of Environment

Speaker Profile:

John R. Schramski, associate professor at the University of Georgia United States, is mainly engaged in ecological and economic analysis, ecological modeling and ecological network analysis, with rich theoretical simulation and practical experience in water resource system and urban systems, give a lecture on ecological simulation at internationally renowned universities and research institutes. He published related articles in Well-known international journal such as Ecological Modelling, Ecological Engineering, Environmental Modelling and Software and so on, being as a guest editor of Ecological Modelling journal to organize the special issue by "Informing Ecological Network Theory". Meanwhile, he was the international conference organizer of ecological simulation and Session Chairman for several times.

Lecture Introduction:

This lecture focuses on basic theory and methods of water resources assessment and planning, important application of systems ecology into water resources assessment, metabolic theory of water resource ecological networks, as well as case studies in different river basins systems in the world.

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